In Home Fitness with Resistance Bands

Fitness is one thing that everybody needs regardless of age or gender. As we get older, our balance is off, the knees weaken and we lose precious muscle strength. One of the easiest ways to maintain a level of fitness so you can maintain your lifestyle is through resistance training. Along that line, what could be easier than resistance bands? If you don’t know how to use them, this video from Kevin Moses, “In Home Fitness with Resistance Bands” will give you what you need to tighten the body, tone those muscles, increase core strength and balance and also reduce injuries.

In Home Fitness With Resistance Bands

With this DVD, learn about losing weight and getting in shape. The workout has a 70 minute run time and introduces you to ways to get a good strength workout in your home or at the office. Resistance bands are not included but can be purchased at just about any store like Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart or sporting goods store. Different colors correspond to varying degrees of resistance. Start light and work your way up to a more challenging level. Begin your new exercise and fitness regimen today.

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