Improve Your Mood With These Scents

For many centuries, some strong scented oils have been used to aid in the treatment of an array of diseases such as mental disorders. Many of the essential oils can be used in various forms- from sprays, to lotions to diffusers to teas. Using essential oils can work for various health issues ranging from depression to anxiety. It is a magnificent way to keep off chemicals and worth trying if you have your doctor’s support.

improve your mood with these scents

1. Lavender– Are you feeling stressed out? Immerse yourself into a hot bath with your bathing water mixed with lavender oil or a lavender-infused lotion. Take a deep breath of the scent to help it work quickly.

2. Chamomile– If you frequently suffer from insomnia, then it can greatly affect your mental health during day time. It is essential to treat this issue of lacking sleep. Enjoying a cup of some nice caffeine-free chamomile tea before going to bed is one way of treating insomnia.

3. Peppermint– This essential oil is perfect in a shampoo if you kick off your day with a shower. It will energize your body, revitalize it and give you a feeling of greatness.

4. Sage–  Through research, science has provided proof that sage can cause an improvement in the mood of research participants. Try making use of sage teas, topicals and lotions to aid in the treatment of foul moods. Alternatively, you can use supplements rather that the scent alone.

5. Jasmine– This essential oil can assist in the reduction of stress, blood pressure and even heart rate. You can choose to rub it into the skin or inhale it directly. Either way, you will inhale the essential oil and rwap maximum benefits from its health properties.

6. Sandalwood– This is an essential oil that is used in the treatment of insomnia, some digestive issues and even anxiety. Mix this oil with some almond oil and sprinkle it on your clothes or rub it onto your skin to inhale.

6. Ylang Ylang– This is an oil that comes from the cananga odorata flower and for centuries, this essential oil has been used for the treatment of mood disorders. Just rub the oil onto your skin and give it time to absorb for maximum benefits.

7. Rosemary– Getting rosemary-infused topical lotions is very simple since it is well known to help relieve pains and aches as well as give an energy boost to the body to kickstart your day.

8. Lemon– Bright and freshly-smelling lemon scents can cause some mood improvement by boosting circulation and immunity. Use lemon tea, lemon soy candles and lemon drops to improve your mood at any time you want.

Each and every individual has different reactions to scents therefore the need to experiment for the right scent to treat your issues is important. Some may feel better when they are energized with scents such as peppermint and lemon while others feel good after using chamomile or lavender. Try single scent at a time for a period not less than one week to determine what works perfectly for you.

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