How To Go Gluten Free Without Losing Out On Flavor

Many people have discovered the benefits of eliminating gluten from their diet. But a gluten free diet does’t have to equate to being sentenced to a lifetime of  boring foods. After you learn the basics, you’ll be surprised at how delicious going gluten free can be!

gluten free

It takes an adjustment period to wean yourself from such favorites as crusty breads, crackers and cheese, breaded fried chicken and such, but there are still endless choices that are legal as well as delicious. Most supermarkets today even have a gluten free section. Below are some helpful tips to enjoying gluten free meals without sacrificing good taste.


Be careful and read labels. Many flours are a blend; some contain wheat flours. Look for flours that are labeled “Gluten Free” or stick with flours that are rice based or made from quinoa or some other gluten free mix. You can grind also nuts or beans into a fine flour. Below are some gluten free grains to look for:

* Quinoa
* Oats
* Buckwheat
* Corn
* Millet
* Amaranth
* Teff

Also flours made from seeds are legal. Flax seeds are especially tasty, or try  nuts, potatoes, beans or tapioca for flour. Experiment to find a combination works for you.


You don’t have to give up bread. Simply substitute gluten free ingredients if you bake it yourself, or find a store or bakery you trust that sells gluten free breads. Flat breads are popular today and can be made with such gluten free ingredients such as rice, flax flour, or almond flour. Corn bread is always a tasty treat, but packaged mixes usually contain wheat as the number one ingredient.


Substitute gluten free ingredients to your favorite recipes. Legal flat bread can be used as a tasty, gluten free pizza crust. Try buckwheat pancakes or go Italian with gluten free pasta. It’s easy to make a marinara sauce from scratch knowing the pre-made ones often contain wheat products. Read the labels!

Sweet Treats

Try meringue cookies or whip up some homemade fudge or almond bark candy. Fruits and yogurts make a good  dessert. There are even recipes for gluten free cakes and brownies made with pureed garbanzo or black beans!

Quick Tips

1. Avoid breaded or batter dipped foods when eating out. Even sauteed or grilled chicken served at restaurants usually are coated with wheat flour.

2. When reading ingredients, watch for words that are synonymous with wheat flour, words such as farina, semolina, kamut, or graham, bran, matzo or cake flour.

3. In addition, be careful with store-bought oats as they sometimes contain wheat flour. Oats themselves are gluten free, but its best to be sure the label states that.

4. Rye and barley also are grains you will want to avoid.

You CAN enjoy delicious meals while going gluten free. Just read the labels and be inventive.

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