How to Be Happy with Imperfection

There is not one single person who is completely perfect. Even though we know that true perfection does not exist, we often continue to strive for it. One way to find true happiness is to embrace the imperfections, especially if they are things that cannot be changed. After all, it takes way too much work to try being perfect all the time, especially since it is not realistic.


The next time you are feeling down about not being perfect, start thinking about all of the many ways you can learn to love yourself and your imperfections. When you follow these tips, you will be able to find happiness, regardless of any flaws you may have.

1. Remember That Perfection Does Not Exist

You can stop trying so hard to become perfect when you realize that it is something that does not exist. When you feel comfortable within your own skin, you will begin to feel free, especially since you will no longer have to worry about what other people are thinking about you. Once you realize perfection does not exist, you can stop striving for it.

2. Enjoy Life

When you are not spending so much time trying to be perfect, you will have plenty of time to do all the things that make you happy. It is also a good time to embrace all the positive things that come your way while staying away from the negative people and things that would try to bring you down. Even when you are feeling down, think of the breathtaking moments that you have experienced that have made you feel free and happy. It is those moments that will prevent you from feeling bad about yourself when things do not seem to be going right.

3. Understand What Is Good For You

You may have some positive and some negative things happening in your life. If you do not separate the two, it will eventually become hard for you to differentiate them, which means you would no longer feel happy. Make sure you sit down and think about the positives and negatives, along with what you can do to get more of the negative stuff out of your life for good. It is better to brush things off than to continuously dwell on them.

As an example, if someone is saying bad things about you behind your back, you may initially feel upset. However, why allow that person control how you feel? Do not let anyone else get you mad, especially when they are saying things that they know nothing about. Instead, shrug what they are saying off and continue smiling because they are probably just jealous of your happiness anyway.

4. Do Not Put Yourself Down

How many times have you looked in the mirror and said something negative about yourself? You may have called yourself terrible names, such as fat, ugly, or bony. If you continue with this bad habit, you will never be able to find true happiness. Instead of focusing on what you may not like much about yourself, start giving yourself compliments on what you do like.

If you give yourself a few compliments each day, you can start boosting your confidence. Why wait for someone else to tell you how beautiful you truly are when you can remind yourself of that every single day?

You get to decide whether you want to be happy or not. While many negative things may occur in life, you do not have to let those situations get the best of you. If you focus on all kinds of positive thoughts and try to avoid negativity, you can embrace imperfection and live happily.

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