Diet Motivation: 8 Ways To Stay On Track

It is always true that it takes patience and time to lose weight because there are just no shortcuts. If you are trying to lose just a few pounds, it still can take a couple of weeks. If you need to lose a significant amount of weight it can take months and sometimes years.

But if you can keep up a high level of motivation you will find that it is much easier to get through the hard days when you are sure you will never reach your goals.

diet motivation

Here are some tips to help you get rid of those pounds while staying motivated:

1. Put inspirational quotes that you find appealing on your refrigerator or your mirror. Sometimes they can be just the pick-me-up that you need when you find your motivation flagging. It is also a great way to start every day.

*Tape your quotes on the mirror in the bathroom. Also putting them on the door of the refrigerator can help keep you from forgetting your goals.

2. Find a way to track your progress. You will find that tracking progress can be smart and quite motivating. After all, how can you tell if you are making progress with your exercise and diet goals if you do not regularly measure to see if you are getting closer to each goal?

*There are lots of methods that work for tracking your progress. Pick the one that you find to be most motivating and use it.

3. Weight-loss jars can be a great way to visually remind yourself why you are dieting. By writing it down, you will have a record of your weight loss which is great when you cannot see those two pounds that you lost in the mirror.

*Get a glass jar and fill it with marbles or decorative stones. Each one should represent a pound you are trying to lose. As you lose the weight, move one from the full jar to one that is empty. It is very motivating to see the marbles in one jar go down while the other goes up.

4. Find a personal trainer. It is not always easy to go to the gym regularly. We are all pretty good at finding reasons why it is a good idea not to go. But if you know that the personal trainer is waiting for you then you are much more likely to go.

*The help that a personal trainer can give you in tracking your progress and holding you accountable is priceless.

5. Find someone to be your weight loss or workout buddy. The weight loss process can get very lonely. But when you look at the rate of obesity in countries of the first world, you realize that you are not really alone. So find someone to be your buddy and with whom you can commiserate on a routine basis. Even better, it would be great if that person can also do workouts with you.

6. Buy new workout gear. It is always inspiring to have new workout shoes and clothes. If your workouts are becoming boring, that new outfit might just resuscitate your motivation.

7. List your reasons for losing weight. After you have dieted for a few weeks, it is normal to start to lack motivation. So list the reasons why you are losing weight. There is no reason that is too petty or too small as long as you are being honest with yourself.

*Hoping to look better? Improve your health? Fit into that old pair of jeans? Write it all down and go over your list on a regular basis.

8. Give yourself small rewards. Do not make the only reward you get be at the end of your diet. Start with little goals and then, as following the diet gets harder, let yourself have larger rewards. It will definitely help your progress.

The point is to keep a high level of motivation because it is so important in helping you get to your goals. It is a slow process to lose weight and it is sometimes hard to see any progress. But motivation is very personal. Something that will work for one person just may not work for you. But you will be able to find your own motivation.

Stay focused on all the great progress you’re making and continue looking forward. A small amount of attention and diet motivation each day can keep your spirits and expectations high.

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