4 “Miracle” Weight Loss Methods to Avoid At Any Cost

Thanks to unhealthy diets of fatty and fast foods that are laden with preservatives and other empty calories, many people are finding themselves desiring to eat a healthier diet  and lose weight in order to make up for their lack of planning. Sadly, with the fast paced life many are leading today, many who are overweight are using dangerous diet methods or shortcuts to help reach their weight reduction goals. It’s important to ensure that you choose a sensible method of losing weight in order to safely lose the weight and keep it off. Here are some weight loss methods that you should avoid an any cost.

weight loss methods


Diet Pills

At one point of time or another many turn to diet pills in order to lose weight. Even the King of Rock and Roll tried them. They are dangerous and addictive and in many cases they can be deadly. Taking a pill will not change your poor dietary habits that caused you to gain weight to begin with. It’s important to remember that these stimulants are very powerful and they can lead to mood swings, high blood pressure as well as other negative behaviors and symptoms.


While using laxatives to lose weight may seem to make sense, it really doesn’t. The use of such forms of weight loss can show quick effective weight loss. Unfortunately, they can dehydrate the body and cause a myriad of other health issues. Repeated use of laxatives may also reduce the effect of other medications and can become addicting. Your body won’t eliminate properly if you continue using these.


Recently on the rise, this form of weight loss combines minimal eating with maximum drinking. To reverse the higher calorie consumption of heavy drinking, many are drinking heavily and not eating properly. In fact, they eat little food at all. This alcohol abuse used in combination with starvation is unhealthy and possibly quite deadly if it’s kept up too long.

Starvation and Fasting

Even when you’re sleeping, you’re body is working. You’ll require calories as well as proteins and fats in order to provide the required fuel that your body needs. Fasting and starving yourself are very dangerous forms of dieting. Your body isn’t replacing calories but rather putting itself into starvation mode. Your body will hold on to every ounce of fat it has in order to preserve your life. Worse, you’ll be risking hair loss, sleeping issues, a weakened immune system, sleeping issues, depression as well as unhealthy breakdown of your muscles and body organs.

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