5 Tips For Helping Your Child Deal With Disappointment

As your child grows up into a young man or woman, they are going to experience both highs and lows. This balance is what helps them grow. As a parent, you love your child unconditionally, and it is your job to protect him or her. At the same time, you must prepare your children to fly on their own, and watching them experience disappointment, while necessary, is sometimes hard to swallow. How your child handles disappointment helps determine his or her character, so your reaction as well as enabling them to deal with disappointment correctly is definitely key.

deal with disappointment

Lead By Example

Happiness is a choice, and how you handle disappointment is going to reflect greatly on how your children handle disappointment as well. Remember the saying about do what I say? Well, they are going to watch more closely your actions than your words. If you lead them by example to handle disappointment the right way, then you are going to be leading them down the right path.

Listen To Your Children

Many parents like to listen and then react right away because they want to protect their children. However, being a sounding board is even more important so that you allow them to get their feelings out in the open. You don’t need to “fix” everything, but instead, you need to make sure that you’re listening to what your child is trying to communicate to you. Them simply letting everything out, and you showing them empathy will help them and you better discover the right resolution.

Teach Them To Self-Calm

Helping them be able to help themselves is a very important part of teaching them to deal with disappointment. It’s all about perspective, and they can calm themselves down so that they aren’t so frustrated or hurt at being disappointed. Breathing deeply, redirecting thoughts and keeping their emotions in check are all good ideas for helping them to keep calm during troubling times.

Physical Help

Especially young children need to refocus energy from time to time. They have the tendency, and even older kids and adults, to have too much energy and to focus it in the wrong direction during disappointment. So, have them get physical by getting outside and letting off some of that steam. They can go for a walk with you, or they can go for a jog, play a sport or whatever it takes. Teach them to expend that energy to help calm themselves down.


Laughter and smiles are great keys to fighting off disappointment. Life is going to bring disappointment to people. It just happens. But, you can teach your children to redirect their emotions through laughter and disappointment. There is always something to smile and laugh about. You just have to get your mind right. Not showing frustration too much and smiling and laughing with your children is how you can show them to handle life’s disappointments. You have been there, and you can help them figure out that what is most important in life trumps the disappointments that can occur every single time.

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