The Long Term Negative Effects of Yelling at Children

Raising up children is challenging; no wonder that parents have resorted to using undesirable behavior on children when they get frustrated.  Most parents will resort to yelling at the children thinking that it can solve the problem. Even though there are times when they do it unconsciously, there is need to work hard so as to avoid anything that can lead make the children develop deviant behavior.

The Long Term Negative Effects of Yelling at Children

These are some of the long term negative effects of yelling at children, so try to seek out a positive way of disciplining them

Aggressive Behaviors

Children who were yelled at when young tend to develop   and display aggressive behavior after attaining a certain age. These children become angry with everything and themlves. At some point the anger may spill over and put them in more problems. Thus, you should avoid yelling at them because when you constantly yell at the child, they develop resentment that interferes with their life and the way they interact with other people.


Yelling at the child can terrify him making him develop some fear and get devastated mentally.  When you yell even when you do not hit him, it is a sign of possible violence. As apparent, it is a must that you place your child in the safest place possible. Avoid putting the child in positions that are threatening and which can create fear.

Difficulty Concentrating

One of the side effects of regularly yelling at the child is that it can make it difficult for the child to concentrate in class.  The child may develop a defense mechanism because of the yelling and they may temporarily to mentally remove themselves from the situation and the environment. It makes the child to have difficulties in focusing and concentrating on any activity including class work.

Lack Of Self Confidence

When you yell at your child, they start believing that they are worthless. This will make them hate themselves and hate everyone.  A child who is hated hates himself.  Thus, showing some love makes the child love himself.  Yelling is the opposite of compassion and respect. It lowers the child sense of self love and makes him think that he is worthless

When you regularly yell at the child, you will be encouraging the child to grow up in the same way and propagate the same behavior. You must make a deliberate effort to stop this cycle because it can be passed from one generation to the next. Self control while dealing with any disciplinary action is the best way that can help you bring up the children with compassion and love.

It is important to note that yelling is a trap that we can all slip into. When this happens, we develop a chain of events that will negatively affect the child and which will be difficult to stop. The best way to help children grow up is to show them a lot of love and respect. We should always tone down the voice and the volume of speech so that we can make the world a better place to live in. This will help us bring up children who are well behaved and who will contribute positively to the society. Avoid anything that can create anger and  resentment .

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