Teaching Your Child to Get along with Other Daycare Kids

Little kids find it hard to cope or get along with kids that have never been with before. It is your responsibility as a parent, to groom your child and ensure that he/she is comfortable with unfamiliar children. This is important especially if you are planning to take the kid to a daycare. As long as your child can get along with people he doesn’t know, you can then be assured he will be just fine in the daycare as well.

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One thing you also need to know as a parent is that, your child might not like all the kids, and is bound to conflict with one or two children in the daycare. This is perfectly normal and part of growing up. Although they may conflict for a few days, chances are they will become best of friends, and such will have helped develop his/her social skills. For your child to get along well with other children in the daycare, you should:

– Understand the daycare/classroom. Take some time to observe elements in the daycare, and have a positive heart with it. Getting to know the teachers or nannies who will be staying with the children is a good start as well. If your child wants to talk about a friend or a mate, she met in the daycare, give him/her time and listen to what he/she says.

– Get to know and understand your child’s communication: Toddlers and children under the age of three may not have the perfect communication skills. This means you need to be attentive to whatever he says, and if he/she was involved in a fight, teach him how to do things right. You can also show the kid how to do good things to the other person to make them your friend.

– Remain positive: Teach your child about being nice and sharing his/her toys with other children. Those in the daycare should also help instigate a sharing attitude on all children to create a friendly environment.

– Teach him or her how to respond to mistakes. Children make numerous mistakes, and although you may have to overlook a few of them, the kid will have to learn how to make up for mistakes and wrongs done. If he/she wrongs someone, he should know how to say sorry and make up for the wrong done.

– Give your child an opportunity to learn. Little children are always eager to know, and will want to know everything that comes their way. This shouldn’t get you offended but you should rather help him/her understand what you are doing, and explain it in a manner that he/she will understand. Teaching the kid how to do simple things such as write, arrange toys in a specific way, or even repair a broken toy are some of the things parents need to focus on. If the child was given an exercise to do from the daycare and was unable to get it right, he deserves another chance to try until he gets is right, and not make things simpler for him.

Growing children need to be taught how to be kind and be courageous as well. Simple things such as getting along with other people, struggling with a problem until you solve it and learning how to please other people ought to shown to these children. Letting the child struggle with a problem, then applauding him/her afterwards is one way of building courage. Young children learn these virtues from their parents and those surrounding them

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