Should You Let Your Baby Cry?

Having a newborn baby that cries a lot is the worst nightmare for new parents. There are times when most parents go for days without sleep because they can’t seem to get their little chump or princess to go to sleep. Even worse, the midnight feedings that start up with a shrieking cry can send anyone spiraling out of control. In a rush to make their newborn settled and comfortable, there are many parents who wonder whether it’s okay to let their babies cry or rush to comfort them before they scream their little lungs out.

let your baby cry

Why Is Your Baby Crying In The First Place?

Before you start wondering whether to let your baby cry out, you should find out the reason why they are crying in the first place. Is it because he/she is hungry, cold, in pain? Whatever the reason, once you have gone through the basic checklist and the baby is still crying, maybe it’s just for attention seeking purposes. On that note, feed, clothe and change the baby’s diaper and if nothing does the trick, you can swaddle and cuddle until he/she finally falls asleep.

Meet The Baby’s Unique Wants Or Needs

Babies always have different needs and wants. For some babies being touched or fed every time is the order of the day. However, for others having their own independence is more important. On that note, you should find a way to understand your baby’s unique personality since they can’t communicate it on their own. Within time you’ll be able to synchronize your time to your baby’s. Also, you will find a common ground where you won’t have to let him/her cry all the time.

Handling The First 6 Months

Doctors and healthcare professionals always advise that the first 6 months are the best bonding sessions. During the first 6 months, you should be able to know your baby, how to calm her down and even what types of games she loves. If you understand your baby better, you’ll know which cries means that it’s something urgent or not. That way, you can properly assess when to let your baby cry out or when to attend to him/her. Remember, this bonding session is not only for the mother but for both parents. Therefore, the father should schedule his own time with the baby to guarantee better bonding sessions.

Sleep Training

Every parent can attest that sleep training is the worst period for new babies. It’s very disheartening to hear your baby cry herself or himself to sleep. Most parents try sleep training as early as 4 or 6 months. However, when you start it, you should make sure the baby doesn’t hurt himself or herself. If possible, follow the guidelines your pediatrician has set aside. Eventually, your baby will learn how to sleep without even crying and bed times will not be so difficult.

In conclusion, make sure your baby is not crying because of any medical reasons. Therefore, if none of the above tricks work, rule out any sickness by visiting a pediatrician or a doctor.

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