10 Ways To Rekindle the Romance

Sometimes, the romance and passion in a relationship just wanes. This is perfectly normal – the excitement that exists in the beginning of a relationship tends to end fast, and things become routine. However, there’s no need to settle for a ho-hum relationship.

10 Ways To Rekindle the Romance

There are various things you can do to relight the flame of romance in your relationship. Wouldn’t it be incredible to feel as excited about your relationship as you did as it begun?

Rekindle the romance today by following these simple tips.

1. Whenever you can, go to bed together.

According to studies, something simple as few minutes of cuddling every night can substantially increase the bond between partners. Staying up to watch something on TV while your partner goes to bed can have a negative impact in your life together.

2. Set up a weekly date night.

Try and relive early dates of yours. Not only it’s a great way to get out of the house, it relives the excitement you had when you were getting to know one another.

Try to make it a habit – it’ll be great if you can do it weekly, but if it isn’t the case, going at least once twice a month is a good idea.

3. Give your partner genuine compliments.

As a couple begins dating, they tend not to mention their negative opinions and give lots of compliments. Over time, this ratio usually swings to the other direction – so it’s important that you consciously try to say nice things about them daily.

4. Take a shower together.

You’ll have a great, fun time together, and even save water in the process. If you can, take a bath and use a nice smelling (not too overpowering) bath cream or oil.

5. Surprise your partner on occasion.

You don’t have to give them anything big – a love note, a flower, or any other small gesture will make their day a lot brighter.

6. List your partner’s positive traits.

You don’t have to do anything with that list, it’s just to put things into perspective. It’s easy to notice aspects of someone that bother you – so it’s a good idea to remind yourself of what you appreciate in them.

* Spend time thinking about their nice traits. List things you like about them, and things you find attractive in them.

7. Give each-other massages.

Real massages, not simply rubbing the others’ shoulder as they watch TV. Get some massage oil, perhaps candles, and do it right.

8. Find a hobby that you can do together.

While you might like to play poker with your friends and she can love going out to have some wine with hers, it’s nice to do something you both enjoy once in a while. Perhaps you can join a co-ed soccer team, take an art class together or volunteer.

9. Avoid being aggressive.

When something bothers you, address the behavior, not them. It’s the difference between saying you hate it when they leave their socks on the floor and asking what’s wrong with them and complaining that they don’t pick up their stuff.

10. Spice up your sex life.

Couples tend to fall into routines even in this area, and this might make both parties less interested. Try new things, experiment positions from a book, for instance. You’ll probably find a lot more excitement in it this way.

To increase the romance in your relationship, it requires commitment and effort from both parts. Relive cherished past memories and focus on their positive qualities. Remember the daily compliment, and give the relationship all the time and energy it needs. You’ll be thankful you did.

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