How Over-Parenting Affects A Child

Every parent wants the best for their children. We gain a lot by being around with our children, and they need us too to be around them at times. There are a number of parents who go overboard to an extent where they are considered to be over-parenting their child. There are some facts that have been raised concerning this habit. Below are some of the ways over-parenting affects the child.


Over-Parenting Lowers Self-Confidence

A kid that always has parents behind his/her back whenever they do anything is incapable of doing something for himself. This will make the child feel like he is not able to do anything on his own. The kid will expect the parents to dictate every move they take or do.

Children need some alone time to explore their surroundings on their own without the help of their parents. When a child feels like he is being overprotected, he tends to limit the creativity and skills he has. When a child tries new things on his own, there is a lesson he learns that will help him/her in the future.

Over-Parenting Cripples Their Independence

A child will continue being over dependent on his father or mother, this is very unhealthy for the child. The confidence of this child will be lower compared to that of his peers. The child gets used to the safety and will always know that his parents are there for him. The child’s learning process will also be affected in the process. This can remain part and parcel of the child’s life including adulthood. The child will be afraid of change and trying new things.

Over-Parenting Robs Them From Meaningful Relationships

When a child is not over parented, they have a choice of building relationships with the various people they encounter from day to day. This is very important because the ability to build relationships will span into adulthood. We should be also be careful on who the child interacts with, the safety of the child always comes first. The child’s character will most likely be shaped by the people around him including friends and family.

Over-Parenting Promotes anxiety

Anxiety shows that there is no peace in their daily life and this makes the parents to be over parenting. It’s normal for people to have anxiety, but this will most likely affect a child who has been gripped too tightly by their parents. To avoid making your child anxious and stressed, give them the space they need to be free and explore on their own, this will put their mind off the things stressing or disturbing them.

Over-Parenting Creates a Lack of Personal Responsibility

When a parent is over protective, it makes the child feel like everything happening to him or around him is not his choice but rather his parents. The child will view the world as sunshine abd rainbow since the parents do everything for him. The child will develop a habit of refusing to take responsibility for any his actions. The child will also tend to make choices that affect others negatively and refuse to accept the responsibility.

People easily fall in the trap of overprotecting. This is due to the fact that we want to protect and be there for our children any time they need us. There must be a balance between the two and parents must learn to know the limit.

Parent your child in a way that they don’t feel over-parented or rejected. Give your children the opportunity to become who they really are.

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