Great Dance Styles For Kids: From Toddlers To Teens

Dance is something that can be wonderful for anyone who is able to participate in it. The beauty of dance is that no matter what your age is, you can benefit from the movement as well as the soothing effect that it has on the soul. Children can benefit from dance especially, which will leave them with a great way to exercise while they enjoy time with others in their age group.

great dance styles for kids

If your child has expressed interest in dance in the past, yet you are not quite sure what type of dance is right for them, you can talk with them about some of the options that are available. The more that you learn about the styles of dance along with what seems to be best suited per age group, the easier it will be for you to be able to help your child get the best experience possible through movement and dance.

Toddler and Preschool Ages

This is a perfect time in the life of a child to get them interested in dance, as there is plenty of energy and enthusiasm that flows freely. You will also see that this is a time where a child may not be fully coordinated, so you need to be able to look for a form of dance that will be suited to their capabilities. This will mean movement without a lot of tricky or technical dance moves, but freestyle motions that will allow him or her to enjoy themselves throughout their own expressionism. When children are at this age, they are fully determined to do things on their own and tend to get frustrated when they cannot.

Look into freestyle dance that will help them foster a love for both movement and music. Along with creative dance, some advanced pre-schoolers can benefit from ballet as well as tap dance. Once a child starts to progress, he or she can take part in more advanced ballet classes that will help them to fully formulate movement and expression while gaining a better understanding of how their body flows.

Early Elementary

A child that is growing into elementary age will have a bit more coordination, allowing them to master a variety of dance styles. Because their energy level is still high at this age, you will see an increased ability to learn, even if there are bigger movements involved. At this age, you can look into jazz as a great way to get them interested in dance.

Tween-Aged Kids

The preteen years are a great time to look into dance that is considered to be cool. Hip hop dance classes are a great place to start, helping them to burn off some steam while learning some of the best moves that are used today.


This is a time in kid’s life when he or she is understanding more about their personality while enjoying an array of interests. Dance at this age can be a wonderful way to help them socialize while staying active and spending time with others who have similar interests. Think of showing your child classes that focus on Latin or African style dance so that they can learn how to release energy while learning through movement. This is a wonderful way to focus energy while learning more about rich cultures around the world.

No matter what age your child may be, it goes without saying that dance is the perfect way to help enrich his or her life. Not only will they be happy and well rounded, they are also going to get a great deal of exercise while enjoying their ability to display what they have learned for others around them.

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