Don’t Be A Bad Parent – 10 Parenting Mistakes To Avoid

It is very easy to be a parent.  That is, if you don’t mind being a very bad one.  Children are very easily influenced, naive and innocent.  If you put in the minimum amount of effort and follow the path with the least resistance, in no time you will have screwed your kids up for sure!  On the other hand, if you would prefer to raise your children the right way, make sure you avoid making these parenting mistakes.

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Parenting Mistake #1:  Encourage your children to realize YOUR dreams

It is very healthy to encourage your children to have dreams and be ambitious.  Allow them to have big dreams, particularly when they are very young.  Just make sure you are letting them have their own dreams, and don’t force your dreams on them.

Parenting Mistake #2: Criticize your child in hurtful ways

Every parent knows that trying to deal with children can be frustrating at times.  Just remember when you are talking to your kids to keep your cynicism and frustrations in check.  Avoid teasing and criticizing your child, no matter how tempting it may be at times.

Parenting Mistake #3: Demand that your schedule be respected by your children.

It is a full-time job being a parent.  When you already have a better-paying job that takes up a lot of your time, it can be hard to juggle both.  However, when your children need you, it is your responsibility as a parent to make the time.

Parenting Mistake #4: Comparing your child to other children that are better.

Providing your child with successful figures and role modes to emulate is perfectly okay.  However, don’t use real children to compare your kids to.  It can send a really negative message if you imply that the neighborhood children are better than your kids.

Parenting Mistake #5: Embarrass your child in front of others.

Sometimes it is hard to not talk about something bad your kid has done in front of others.  Keep in mind this can have very bad repercussions if your child overhears you.  When you are feeling tempted to gossip, use extreme caution.

Parenting Mistake #6: Don’t respect the secrets your children have told you.

Keep in mind that your children take their own lives very seriously.  If they confide in you and tell you one of their secrets, no matter how meaningless and silly you might find it, the secret means a lot to them.  Do not betray your children’s trust or tell their secrets.

Parenting Mistake #7:  Don’t follow through on the promises you make to your children.

It is very easy to make what you think are light-hearted promises to children.  However, for a child these promises can be very serious.  Make sure you follow through on all the promises that you make.

Parenting Mistake #8:  Ignore your children when they are talking to you.

It really cannot be overstated how important it is for you to listen to your children.  If you don’t pay attention to your kids when they are speaking to you, they will end up talking to you much less often.

Parenting Mistake #9:  Don’t expect your kids to notice when you make mistakes.

Parents are not perfect.  They make mistakes.  Eventually, children discover this.  You won’t help your cause if you try to portray yourself as perfect and someone who doesn’t make mistakes to your kids.

Parenting Mistake #10: Set a bad example above all else.

All the other points are really encompassed in this one.  You can always expect that your children will live either down or up- from the example that you set for them.  If you would like to raise your children right, set as caring and honest an example for them as you possibly can.

As you can tell, it is very easy to make parenting mistakes when trying to take the easy way out.  However, when you take full responsibility for your children, you need to be prepared to make the right decision even it may not be the easy choice to make.  Keep the above points in mind.  They will help you to stay on the right path.

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