Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

A preschool is really a place where they prepare your child for kindergarten and then for schooling in general. The preschool experience will assist your kid to learn some of the basic social skills, various shapes, color games and a little bit of the alphabet. How do you know when your child is ready for preschool? Here are some tips on how to recognize your child’s readiness for preschool.

ready for preschool

Ability to Separate

If your child is not ready to separate from you, or if he or she feels traumatized by the idea of separating from you, your child is still not ready for preschool. True that there is some anxiety when kids start pre schooling, but it will not reach traumatic levels generally. Pre schooling is a time that will instil some fear in your kid since there will be a new authority figure and a large number of kids to deal with. Kids who are comfortable in interacting with other kids and being away from their parents are the best candidates for preschool.

Basic Skills

A child needs to develop some basic skills in order to be successfully prepared for pre schooling. Some of them include: the ability to follow directions, speak a few words to communicate their needs, ability to use the toilet and being comfortable with peers are the main skills required in this regard.


Certain kids don’t like to change activities easily. They want to continue doing what they enjoy. If they are forced to change activities, they will go into a rage. Such kids are probably not ready for pre schooling. Preschool activities usually change throughout the day. It is always better to teach you child to make transitions from one activity to another fairly smoothly before they start pre schooling.

Observing the Class

First, it is better to pay a visit to the preschool where you intend to send your child. Just watch how your child will react to the environment. Observe how the teacher of the preschool conducts the class. Are the kids in the school comfortable with the teacher? Does the teacher seem like a person your child would be comfortable with? Would your child fit in with the other kids in the class? Does your child show some interest about the class? These things are extremely important when deciding to prepare your child for pre schooling.


Preschoolers cannot do everything on their own. But a certain amount of independence is good for your kid. This indicates that your child is ready for preschool. Observe whether your child is able to wash the hands and eat on his or her own. Can they perform small tasks on their own? This is a good indication of their readiness.

The aforementioned are some of the important signs to look for when preparing your child for pre schooling. Many educational experts confirm that the pre schooling age of a child doesn’t have any negative effect on his or her future life. So there is nothing to worry even if your child doesn’t go to a preschool or go later than other children.

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