Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

If you want to make your Thanksgiving this year, you’re likely going to want a nice and attractive centerpiece to add a special touch to your day. Here are a few creative Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to get your creative juices flowing before the big day.

The Fall Theme

Thanksgiving conveniently falls during the Autumn season. Take advantage of this and use a fall theme for color and color themes.

Deep reds, oranges and yellows will offer you great inspirational nature ideas.

Add some natural objects like pumpkins, leaves and nuts as well as pine cones to help you in your creation.

Kids can be sent out to gather unique colored leaves and leaves can be placed between wax paper and ironed into place mats for a unique touch.

Keep It Simple

fall leaves server for Thanksgiving table

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Some people mistakenly believe that a centerpiece has to be very intricate and complex. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The most memorable centerpieces are those that are very simple and easy to put together.

  • A bouquet of fall flowers from the local grocer in a nice bowl may be an ideal centerpiece. Several vases of flowers could be placed around the house to accent various areas as well.
  • A large glass or bowl with fall fruits will be an attractive addition to any table.
  • A nice candle holder and candle with some leaves or pine cones scattered around will be a unique focus.

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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Crafts For The Kids

Keep the kids involved by giving them some great craft ideas. Kids love crafts and giving them something to do will go far in helping you to keep them occupied.

  • Kids could make a Thanksgiving turkey using tissue paper and pipe cleaners.
  • A Thanksgiving wreath is also fun and can be easily made using card-stock and items that the kids can glue on the card-stock.
  • Decorative jars are fun and easy to create with a jar and some dried flowers or leaves or even flowers cut out of construction paper.
  • Make a fruit turkey by putting fruit in the shape of a turkey on a platter. It will be clever and unique and everyone will be raving about your creativity. Use melons for the main body, and use the other bits of fruit to connect with toothpicks so that it can be laid out in the shape of a turkey or any other design that is appealing.
  • Very creative children can also make place cards and napkin holders for the guests to use. Use crayons, markers, chalk or whatever is on hand to make it unique and special. Keeping the kids busy and keeping them involved can save a lot of time and stress and help kids to feel important as well.

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