How to Get Back Into Shape After Thanksgiving

It’s that special time of year once again- when you set aside all of your fitness and diet routines so that you can enjoy fun times, great company and good food with your family and friends.

Once Thanksgiving is over, however, you might be surprised to discover how fast all that hard work you did to get into shape can disappear.  You might just smile and tell yourself it was worth it.  However, it’s time for you to get back into shape now.

get back in shape after Thanksgiving

To get back in shape after Thanksgiving, use these tested, tried and proven tips:

1.  Increase the amount of water you consume.  You can’t afford to overlook the amazing benefits that water provides your body with.  It not only hydrates your body, but when you consume the recommended amount, it flushes your body and helps to eliminate free radicals and toxins that are leftover from your calorie-laden, fat-heavy Thanksgiving meal.

* If drinking plain water is hard for you, then turn it into a more appetizing beverage for you by squeezing lemon into your water or brewing some green tea.

* Drink enough water so that you need to use the restroom five times a day at least.

2.  Speed your metabolism up.  The sooner you take action to rev your metabolism up, the sooner your body can start burning those extra pounds.  The following activities can help you speed your metabolism up:

* Green tea is great for increasing your  metabolism.  Drink one or two cups per day.  However, if you don’t react well to caffeine, then don’t drink it in the evening.

* Include a B complex into your daily vitamin consumption.

* Another way to increase your metabolism is through consuming foods that need extra energy for digestion, like protein.

3.  Eat plenty of fiber.  Foods rich in fiber have similar benefits to drinking plenty of water.  They help to pull the toxins out of your body that the water then flushes out.  Keep in mind that not too much fiber is absorbed by your body.  The major purpose of it is to remove bad stuff along with it as it passes out of your body.

* Vegetables and fruits both contain plenty of fiber, especially ones that are eaten with the skin still on them.

* Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and long beans are all great fiber sources.

* Including whole grains like brown rice and granola into your diet is also a great idea.

4.  Get your body moving with cardio exercise.  It’s the best way of getting that burn that you need.  If you took a complete break over the Thanksgiving holiday, then make sure you pace yourself.  You can start back up by doing three 45-minute exercise sessions each week.  Over time, you can extend this to four to five hour-long exercise sessions.

* Cycling, walking and swimming are all excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise.

* If your time is limited, get a couple of exercise DVDs so that you can work out at your convenience from home.

The best chance of getting fit again following Thanksgiving is of course to not get off track at all.  However, it’s only human to want to indulge a bit over the holidays.  If you went a little overboard this Thanksgiving, just use this program to get back on track again.

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