Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie Halloween Costumes

Mrs Brown’s Boys is a television sitcom dreamed up in the wacky brain of Irish writer and actor Brendan O’Carroll. The title character is Mrs Agnes Brown, which is played by O’Carroll. A smash hit in Ireland and the United Kingdom, the wild and comical series hit the big screen in 2014.

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie showcases the crazy antics of Brendan O’Carroll as he plays the matronly and marvelously off-kilter Agnes Brown. In the film, Agnes has to show up in court in order to protect her family’s Dublin Moore Street business selling fruits and vegetables.

Corrupt Russian businessman and criminal P.R. Irwin (played by Dermot Crowley) wants to turn the entire Moore Street marketplace into a shopping mall. Other characters in the film include Philomena Nine Warts and Winnie McGoogan, as well as Brown family members Dermot, Maria, Betty, Mark, Trevor, “Granddad” Harold and Kathy.

Agnes’s court case draws heavy media attention, and she quickly plays up their portrayal of her as the “greatest mother in Ireland.” She heads to confession to atone for her prideful attitude, and unknowingly admits to a Russian mobster that she illegally claimed child support money years ago.

The action is wild and wacky, including a Tourettes-suffering barrister (played by Robert Bathurst) that represents Mrs. Brown. A typical good guys versus bad guys story, the movie is nonetheless fun, especially during those scenes which contained the cross-dressed and comical Brendan O’Carroll.

Throughout the film Agnes Brown is easily identified by her manly feminine appearance, irrepressible attitude and smile, and ever-present light blue button-down sweater. She is also sometimes seen in an identical pink version.

The character also wears an unmistakable mole on her left chin, and a pair of grandmotherly glasses.

Tightly curled sandy blonde/brown hair completes the look. Agnes Brown costumes can be found online, although a quick rental of the movie will reveal that you can easily put this Halloween outfit together on your own.

If you wish to create an effective Agnes Brown costume and you remember Robin Williams” character in Mrs. Doubtfire, the similarity is almost exact.

The main villain in the movie, P.R. Irwin, is represented as a typical Russian gangster, dressed all in black and giving off a villainous vibe.

Agnes Brown makes a wonderful costume for those middle-aged men that always wanted to dress up like their grandmother. With the tightly curled hair, glasses and powder puff blue sweater over a formless print dress, there will be no mistaking that you have arrived as the mother of Mrs. Brown’s Boys this Halloween.

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