Lego Movie Costumes

The 2014 Warner Brothers Pictures film The Lego Movie is a fun-filled adventure, and it featured a number of notable characters with brilliant and unique outfits.

Emmet is the lead character, the simple construction worker prophesied to save the world in the film. His costume is simple, but has certain characteristics to match the Halloween mood.

Dressing up like Emmet means wearing the outfit of a construction worker. The Emmet costume features orange pants (a great Halloween color) and a safety vest, with a pocket on the right side, sometimes with white-colored stripes.

The V-neck vest shows the open-collared shirt underneath that has blue features and long sleeves. The construction uniform can feature a bright red hat too. In case you really want to be authentic, you want to paint your face and hands with Emmet’s yellow skin color.

Lucy has a wild side, and that persona is known as Wyldstyle. Her costume, a plain black-colored pantsuit with pink and blue highlights which match her hair, has the ability to stand out on Halloween night. The top part of Wyldstyle’s costume features a zippered-leather hoodie. The right side of the hoodie or vest is rich in styling, featuring blue and pink designs in slashing lines.

Her hair can be either copied using a wig with wide blue and pink stripes, or simply by using a little color spray on your own hair.

The Batman costume worn by the LEGO mini-figure in the movie is another outfit to consider wearing this Halloween. There is a bit of yellow in the belt and behind the famous bat symbol or emblem. Note that the Batman costume features a soft-hooded mask with pointed ears, along with the iconic black cape.

If you choose the Vitruvius costume, you will definitely be remembered as the blind old Wizard who is one of the Master Builders of the LEGO Movie.

Your Vitruvius outfit will include a light orange headband, long flowing straight, white hair, mustache and beard, a blue cape, white cloak and scepter. A brown tasseled rope belt completes the look.

With the evil black and red Lord Business, orange spaceman Benny and shiny black Wyldstyle, you have characters with great Halloween coloring. And with Metal Beard, Emmet, Superman, Green Lantern and others, you have plenty of choices if you decide to dress up like one of the memorable characters of The LEGO Movie for your Halloween or costume party.

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