Eliminator Lighting Fog Machines EF400 Fog Machine

The scariest part of Halloween is setting the scene. Want a mysterious graveyard in your front yard? The headstones are far creepier when the fog is rolling in. achieve this weather phenomena every night with the Eliminator Lighting Fog Machine. Scare your guests and be the talk of the neighborhood!

Lighting Fog Machine

This fog machine can do the trick for your front or back yard easily. It can cover 1500 cubic feet per minute. The lighting feature can make it great for small outdoor venues for Halloween plays, movie showings or concerts. The unit features a 400 watt heater and a ten foot wired remote. Simply push the button from where you are to get the party started.

The machine comes complete with a quart of fog juice. What is fog juice you say? It’s a unique water-based mixture that is the only fluid to be used with this machine to create the desired foggy effects. Add a pint of fog juice to a bottle on the back of the machine to get things going. Once the juice heats up, you can begin releasing fog to create your scary Halloween effects.

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