29+ Unique and Personal Gifts for New Moms 2018

• Unique and Personal Non Baby Gifts for New Moms •

Having a newborn is a happy and challenging time for new moms. Trying to juggle feedings, nappy changing, trying to adjust to the new situation and hopefully catching some zzz’s….

Give a new mom some extra attention by selecting one of these unique and personal gifts for new moms. Make this gift really about her and not about the baby.

Show her your appreciation and recognition that she’s a not just a mom, but also a woman.

Unique and Personal Gifts for New Moms | Non Baby Gifts For New Moms #momgifts


Gift Ideas for New Moms

There are plenty of unique and personal gifts for new moms to find if you know the new mom very well. If you don’t, these new mom gifts always hit the right note!

Gift For New Mom From Husband

As a husband you might want to give something beautiful to make her feel special or to make her life more comfortable.

Jewelry or a beautiful watch is always a welcome gift, whatever the occasion. A camera for snapping baby’s first “everything” is a gift you can both appreciate now and later.

Other great gifts for a new mom from her husband could include your first vacation as a family! Infants are relatively easy to travel with, since they tend to sleep through flights and dinners out.

Find a family friendly hotel or a resort that has an on-site baby sitting option and a (close-by) convenience store, so you have easy access to diapers and baby food.

New Mom Gift Basket

A new mom gift basket is great idea for a present! Fill a pretty basket or box with goodies you know she’ll love and appreciate like her favorite snacks, a magazine and some bath and beauty products.

Or buy one of these pre-made new mom gift baskets

Gifts For New Moms After Birth

Give the new mom something to make her feel comfortable and feel less sore.

A pretty top with nursing access will make her feel beautiful and comfy at the same. The nipple butter…well do we even need to explain that one?

Jewelry Gifts For New Moms

What woman doesn’t like jewelry? Give a new mom a beautiful locket with a picture of her newborn or a gorgeous pair of earrings just for her!

Mom Life Coloring Book

Give the new mom a coloring book, so she can relax while she sits with the baby. These new mom coloring books provide stress and are maybe a bit addictive!

New Mom Survival Kit

A new mom survival kit is made to make moms feel comfortable in the first few weeks after the birth. It contains essentials like breast pads, nipple cream, hair ties, towelettes and more.

The new parent survival guide is a bit of gag gift containing everything you need to survive the first nappy change 😉

Beauty Gifts For New Mums

A new mom who is feeling less than sexy at the moment, will be very happy to receive a beauty gift to pamper herself with. After all, baby spit does not smell THAT divine.

Give her some makeup essentials like BB cream, an eye-shadow palette, mascara and lip-balm or gloss. These are my essentials when I am short on time, but want to look good!

Another great beauty gift for a new mom is a trip to the spa for a nice relaxing massage!

29 non baby gifts for new moms - Unique and Personal Gifts for New Moms


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