10 Stylish Tablecloths For Christmas

Setting a beautiful table for Christmas starts with a beautiful Christmas tablecloth. We have handpicked the most stylish tablecloths for Christmas this year.

Which one will you get?

Embroidered Mistletoe Christmas Tablecloth

Embroidered Mistletoe Christmas TableclothCheck Price On Amazon


Red is my favorite Christmas color, so this Christmas tablecloth with embroidered mistletoe is right up my ally!

The color is very vibrant and I love that there are various sizing options, napkins and table runners available.

This tablecloth is made from 100% cotton, so it does need a bit of ironing.

Embroidered Christmas Tablecloth

Embroidered Christmas Tablecloth - Tablecloths for ChristmasBeautiful white embroidered Christmas tablecloth with poinsettia’s printed on the edges. The tablecloth is made from soft material and is available in 2 sizes.

Also available is a matching Christmas curtain. Great for a Christmas-y feel in your kitchen. See more here

Nordic Christmas Tablecloth

Nordic Christmas Herringbone Print Rectangle Tablecloth - Tablecloths for Christmas, Christmas TableclothIf you like a Scandinavian style decor for your Christmas table, then this Nordic Christmas Tablecloth will be perfect!

I love the Christmas tree and reindeer motif. It will look great with some silver candles! See more here.

Poinsettia Christmas Tablecloth

Poinsettia Christmas Tablecloth - Tablecloths for Christmas, Christmas Tablecloth

A poinsettia is a classic motif for a Holiday tablecloth. The color is not typical Christmas red, but more dark red and orange-y.

The tablecloth is available in 5 sizes. You’ll be sure to find one for you. See more here.

Christmas Ribbons Tablecloth

Christmas Ribbons Tablecloth - Tablecloths for Christmas

This Christmas Ribbons Tablecloth by Benson Mills has been around for years! It’s classic Christmas tablecloth with ribbons that looks elegant and stylish.

The tablecloth is available in 4 sizes, 1 round size and a matching napkin set is also available! See more here.

Christmas Story Tablecloth

Christmas Story Tablecloth - Tablecloths for ChristmasHere’s a beautiful tablecloth with a Christmas story around the border. Each side features a mountain scene with cottage and pine trees. Santa is seen flying with his sleigh above the village.

The top of the tablecloth is splattered with snowflakes in different sizes. The tablecloth is available in 5 sizes, including a round version. See more here.

Lenox Golden Holly Tablecloth

Lenox Golden Holly Tablecloth - Tablecloths for ChristmasThis Golden Holly tablecloth is from my favorite brand Lenox. They have a lot of beautiful Christmas dinnerware (check out these napkin rings) and ornaments.

I bought this Golden Holly tablecloth several years ago and it’s still looking great! The color of the background is off white with jacquard motif.

The tablecloth is available in 5 sizes (including round) and matching napkins are also available. See more here.

Lenox Holiday Gathering Plaid Tablecloth

Lenox Holiday Gathering Plaid Tablecloth - Tablecloths for ChristmasAnother beautiful tablecloth for Christmas by Lenox. It’s a red plaid one and it’s such a beautiful festive looking color.

The tablecloth is available in 5 different sizes (including 2 oval sizes) and is made from 100% cotton. See more here

Lenox Holiday Nouveau Tablecloth

Lenox Holiday Nouveau Tablecloth - Tablecloths for ChristmasThe Holiday nouveau tablecloth has an ivory background with a subtle sheen and holly leaves. It’s adorned with tartan bands, gold ribbons and holly for a beautiful festive look.

It’s available in multiple sizes and there are a lot of matching items available including napkins, placemats, table runners and loads more! See more here.

Red Embroidered Christmas Tablecloth

Red Embroidered Christmas Tablecloth - Tablecloths for ChristmasHere’s a festive red tablecloth that’s making quite the statement! Beautiful embroidered poinsettia’s on the corners and in the center.

There are 3 sizes and the matching curtains in the picture are also available. See more here

Christmas Ribbons Platinum Silver Damask Fabric Tablecloth

Christmas Ribbons Platinum Silver Gray Damask Fabric Tablecloth - Tablecloths for ChristmasVery elegant looking damask fabric tablecloth in a platinum silver color with a pattern of ribbons, holly and poinsettia.

Available in 4 sizes. See more here..

Hope you like the tablecloths for Christmas we picked. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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