How To Deal With An ADHD Co-Worker

ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and it can affect children and adults alike.

Most people believe only children can suffer from ADHD, therefore they just can’t believe it when they are faced with one of their co-workers suffering from this condition that can drive everybody crazy.

adhd co-worker

The symptoms of ADHD in adults may differ from the ones in children. Here are a few of them adults have to cope with:

– Inability to focus
– Short attention span
– Difficulties in concentrating on a specific topic
– Inability to listen to and follow directions
– Inability to take a task from the beginning to the end
– Difficulties in following a topic for a longer period of time

All above mentioned symptoms are more or less common for many of us, healthy people, especially when we are tired or we cross difficult periods of our life.

Nonetheless, if someone shows these symptoms all the time, regardless being diagnosed with ADHD or not, it can be a real challenge to cooperate with him on a daily basis while maintaining your sanity.

Recognizing ADHD

Before thinking about a viable strategy for dealing with an ADHD co-worker, you need to be able to recognize the disorder. Some people are normal, although they may show signs of lack of focus or inability to pay attention to tasks they need to accomplish. Others may do such things on purpose, just to upset everyone else in the office.

Once you realize this behavior is not intentional, you are probably going to feel more compassionate, knowing that the individual suffers from this medical condition that prevents him to act and behave like normal people.


ADHD is not a reason to have somebody fired. The condition can be handled if a little bit of understanding and willingness to help is shown by co-workers.

If you pay attention to your ADHD co-worker, you might be able to notice which are the circumstances that help him become a better performer.

All you need to do for making him become a good worker is to re-create those conditions over and over again. There are organizational tools that can help even the most disorganized person become efficient and productive.


Compassion is the key to a happy and fulfilled life. Even more, showing compassion towards a sick individual will help you remain calm when your ADHD co-worker seems unable to complete his duties on time.


Helping others is a good thing. If you spot an ADHD sufferer among your co-workers, you could assist him in using the organizational tools that would improve his productivity.

If the person sees your support, he will appreciate it and try his best to improve and work as part of the team without driving the others crazy too often.

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