Facelift Sugery 101

Facelift Surgery is a procedure that is often chosen by people that would like to restore the youthful appearance that they once enjoyed.

This is a procedure that is well known for providing countless men and women with a much higher level of self-esteem.

A younger and revitalized appearance can in many cases change a person’s outlook on life. A face lift is a procedure that involves reshaping of the face and is done through skin and tissue re-positioning.

facelift surgery

Can You Benefit From Facelift Surgery?

Plastic surgeons that frequently perform this type of procedure take several factors into account when deciding if it is something that a specific patient can benefit from. If the following statements describe you, a facelift may be something you might want to consider.

• You would like to improve your appearance and the goals you have in mind are realistic

• You are in good physical health

• The outlook you have on specific goals you have in mind are positive

• You are not a smoker

Facelift Surgery Procedure

After explaining the entire facelift procedure and giving you an idea of what you can expect, your plastic surgeon will discuss available options of anesthesia.

Depending on your individual situation, you may be provided with the choice of general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. When a face lift surgery is performed it only takes a few hours and it’s done as an out-patient procedure. This means there will be no hospital stay that you have to worry with.

The incision that is made for a face lift usually starts at the temples and in the hairline. It continues down and around each ear and then it stops at the baseline of the lower scalp area.

In certain situations an alternative incision technique may be used which involves shorter incisions that are made at the temples. It then continues down around the ears and then to just beneath the upper-lip or close to the lower-eyelids.

Once the incision has been made, deep layers of tissue in the face is re-positioned and fat is generally redistributed in areas it is needed and then it is sculpted.

When it is necessary, facial muscles will also be lifted. After the re-positioning and sculpting is complete, the skin is then placed back over the contours that have been uplifted. At this time any excess skin that exists will be removed.

Once the facelift is complete there are other techniques that you may request ahead of time, which will add an even higher level of enhancement to the achieved results. Some of the other options include the following:

• Injections for the reduction of wrinkles

• Facial implants

• The texture and tone in the skin of the face can be improved through resurfacing techniques

• The structure of the face can be re-contoured through soft-tissue augmentation

When additional techniques have been completed the closing incisions will be made.

Facelift Surgery Recovery

Following the surgical procedure, bandages will be placed over the site of the incisions. You will be advised to keep these in place for a few days and then they can be removed. After approximately one week, the stitches will be removed.

Most patients are able to go back to work just a few days after the surgery is performed. You will be advised to avoid any exposure to the sun for several weeks and physical activity can be resumed within a six week period.

It may take as long as six full months before you notice the total results of the procedure. This time allows for swelling and bruising to subside and it also gives the incision lines an adequate amount of time to fade as well.

The Results of a Face Lift Are Permanent

One of the biggest advantages is the results of a face lift are permanent and only a small amount of aftercare is required. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting the skin when being exposed to the sun.

Possible Facelift Complications

A facelift is considered by many medical professionals to be one of the safest types of cosmetic procedures being performed today. However, there are some complications that can occur. Some of the most common are as follows:

• Infection

• Anesthesia reactions

• Bleeding

• Hematoma

Facelift Surgery Costs

There are several fees that are included in a face lift surgery that include15,000 hospital fees, plastic surgeon fee and anesthesia. The total cost for a procedure like this usually runs between $6,000 and $15,000.

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