Eye Lift Surgery 101

An eye lift surgery involves the removal of excess fat and skin that has formed in the area around the upper and lower eyelids. In some cases support may also be added to muscles and tendons. The result is a rejuvenated and younger looking appearance. Although this procedure is most commonly performed for cosmetic reasons, it is also performed for functional purposes as well.

eye lift surgery

Is an Eye Lift Surgery a Good Choice for You?

There are many men and women that can benefit greatly from an eye lift surgery. If the following statements describe your individual situation, an eye lift surgery may be right for you.

• You are a non-smoker

• You do not suffer from any type of serious eye condition

• You are in good physical health

• You have a positive and realistic outlook on the benefits eye lift surgery can provide

What to Expect During an Eye Lift Procedure

Prior to the procedure your surgeon will discuss which options are best for your individual situation in regards to anesthesia and the location the surgery will be performed. General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is the common options of anesthesia. Since a hospital stay is not normally a requirement for eye lift surgery, it can be performed at a surgery center, office-based surgical center or local hospital.

The entire idea behind the incisions that are made during an eye lift surgery is that they be easy to conceal. This is precisely why they are blended in with the eyelid’s natural structures.

The incision for a droopy upper eyelid will be made in the natural crease that already exists within the upper eyelid. Next, the muscles will be tightened, fat deposits will be repositioned as needed and any excess skin and tissue that exists will be removed.

The incision for conditions that affect the lower eyelid will be made directly beneath the lower lash-line, where excess skin that exists can be removed.

An alternative technique that may be used for lower eyelid conditions is the transconjunctival incision. This incision allows for easy redistribution and removal of excess fatty tissue. In some cases another procedure that may be used is a laser chemical peel. This is often used on areas of the lower eyelids that are dark and discolored.

The final step of eye lift surgery is to close the incision with sutures that are easily absorbed. Surgical tape and skin adhesives may also be used.

Results You Can Expect from Eye Lift Surgery

While the final results may not be noticed for several weeks, you can expect to receive long-lasting results from eye lift surgery. Swelling or bruising occurring from the procedure should disappear about ten days after the surgery and it can take one full year for full-fading of the incision lines. There may be some residual swelling noticed for a longer period of time. It is important to continue using protection against the sun’s harmful rays, as it can cause damage to the facial skin. You will also continue to notice the effects of the natural process of aging.

Risks and Complications that can occur with Eye Lift Surgery

As risks and complications are a normal part of any kind of surgery, this is also true of eye lift surgery. Serious complications are rare but possible. Below is a list of the most common complications that most often occur with this type of procedure.

• The eyes becoming itchy and dry the first week following surgery

• Sensitivity to light and teary eyes noticed for a few weeks following the procedure

• Swelling and bruising lasting longer than expected

• Visible scarring

• Blurred or double vision that exists longer than three or four days following surgery

Cost Associated with an Eye Lift Surgery

Many people find the cost of this type of surgery is much more affordable when it is performed in the plastic surgeon’s office, which

The eyelift procedure is less expensive if performed in the office because there are no hospital or anesthesia fees. For example, if performed in the office, the physician fee for the upper eyelift procedure is about $1800.

The total expected cost for an eye lift surgery is approximately $3,100.

Aside from the cost for this procedure there are also some other fees that must be considered as well and these include the following:

• Prescription medications that may be prescribed

• The possible need for childcare services during recovery

• Hospital or surgery center fees

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