Butt Lift Surgery 101

Butt lift surgery involves a lifting, tightening and removal of skin in the area of the buttocks. Tissue is then repositioned in such a way that will form a much more pleasing and youthful contour off the buttocks. In some situations a butt lift may also be recommended to prevent problems like flattening of the butt from occurring.butt lift surgery

Is a Butt Lift the Right Procedure for You?

There are many people that may benefit from the advantages provided from a butt lift surgery. It is commonly performed on patients that have an excess amount of hanging, loose skin that has lost elasticity on the back portion of the upper-thighs and on the buttocks. The most frequent reason for problems like this is the natural process of aging or significant weight loss. If these describe the problems you face, a butt lift surgery may be right for you.

What You Can Expect from a Butt Lift Surgery

In most situations this is a procedure that is done under a general anesthesia. There are however some cases where intravenous sedation and a local anesthesia is used. Your surgeon can discuss which option he thinks is best suited for your individual situation. The time required to perform this operation is usually between two and four hours.

Although this particular procedure normally involves the removal of excess skin that is located in the bikini line and along the upper-area of the buttocks, the patterns used for the incision can vary. This is a factor that will be determined by the surgeon after taking a look at total amount and the area the excess fat and skin is located.

Once the incision for the butt lift surgery has been made, the next step is to remove the excess amount of fat and skin that exists. Then, the skin that remains will be pulled to its appropriate position. Sutures will be used to close any incisions that have been made. For an additional support base, skin adhesive and surgical tape is often used as well.

In some situations the surgeon will choose to temporarily place small tubes just beneath the surface of the skin where the incision is made. This is to allow for the proper drainage of any fluid and excess blood that may form at the surgery site.

In a majority of cases, there is no hospital stay that will be required after a butt lift surgery is performed. Some surgeons that perform this procedure however do recommend that patients stay over-night in the hospital for monitoring.

The first week following the procedure can be somewhat uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that you will be advised to not sit on your butt for one full week after the surgery is performed. As long as your job requirements do not call for a lengthy amount of sitting, you may be allowed to go back to work two weeks after the surgery. It is advised however that you avoid any type of strenuous activity for a period of four to six weeks. This simply helps to ensure there are no abrasions or excessive motion and force placed on the incision site.

Recovering from a Butt Lift Surgery

A special garment may need to be worn for several weeks following the procedure, which is used for its compression purposes. It also aids in the tightening and healing process. Any swelling or bruising that has occurred from the surgery should subside significantly by about four weeks after the procedure has been done.

While you may be allowed to engage in strenuous activities approximately six weeks following surgery, it can take as long as four to six months to heal completely.

The results achieved with a butt lift surgery can be expected to last for at least ten years or even longer. This however will depend a great deal on the natural aging process and if any weight is gained.

Complications and Risks of a Butt Lift Surgery

While it does not happen often, serious complications like blood clots can occur.. The risk of this problem is reduced by moving around as quickly as possible following surgery. Infection is another complication that can occur. Although it can lengthen recover time, antibiotics and drainage tubes can be used to treat infection. The most common complications of this type of procedure are as follows:

• Pain that is persistent

• Recurring problem of sagging and loose skin

• Persistent swelling

• Additional surgery needed due to asymmetry results

• Sensation loss that can be temporary or permanent

Cost Associated with a Butt Lift Surgery

The total cost for a procedure of this type, which includes anesthesia, surgeon’s fee, lab fees, hospital fee and prescription medications, can range anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000.

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